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Sunday, 16 June 2013 14:36

Publish Your New Book with EMP

English Majors Reviewers and Editors, LLC, Now Stands for Enhanced Media Publishing!  


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Dear Artist,

We provide Indie publishers and authors with a way to publish using all the media advantages of "enhanced .epub3 design." Most ebook readers today have limitations that prevent full use of multimedia design. Our publishing service allows authors the best way to utilize the enhanced formatting that we design for you. Readers can also purchase and read your book with all its features from our web site. Only the power of the Web can provide the full use of .epub3 dynamics: interactivity, audio/video, CSS3, javascript, HTML5, live games, Facebook social interaction, and many other features. We also develop mobile apps for authors and their titles.  Email English Majors for more info.  Skype Jim Musgrave for free consultation:  efraimzgraves

Run with the big dogs.
Run with the big dogs.

See the Inkling Habitat environment we use for our enhanced ebook (.epub3) titles.  Look at what the big dogs are doing.  You need to catch up.  The Penguin is also increasing its output and quality.

Work with me to get your publication enhanced for touch-screen interaction.  Establish your brand and even establish social network sharing--all inside your book!  Tablets and iPads are taking over the electronic reader market.

Why not get your book "enhanced" with background music, appropriate audio tracks and videos as well as the ability to create social sharing right inside your book?  Indie publishers are much more "sociable" than the big dogs, so this is an added plus!

I assist clients in designing their book from the ground up and putting it into the Inkling Habitat cloud publishing software.  It's called "Open Air" for a reason.  You get to be in on all the action as your book goes through its interactive metamorphosis.  All major readers are supported, including iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Android, .epub and Kindle Fire for enhanced viewing.

In fact, EMP is publishing a "how to" book on how artists can develop these enhanced ebooks.

Sample of Non-Fiction Enhanced Ebooks


Black Jack Domination

Exaptation 1

Rickard's Bakery

Martha's Vineyard Kids' Fishing Derby



Read the article to be published in the independent.
Read the article to be published in the independent.

Here's what creating an app for you, your book or your novel can do that no other book reader can do:


  • Instant translation of text (most major world languages are supported).
  • Enhanced music background while reading (recommend music and user choice).
  • Instant social communication with your readers (Facebook).
  • Readers can share content in the app.
  • Search and notetaking enabled in app.
  • Animation and video fully supported and streamed.
  • Table of contents linked to content.
  • Appropriate games and opinion polls can be used.
  • Quizzes, puzzles or other interactive content.
  • Can be read on iPad, tablet, Androids and online (web).
  • Can be sold on app sites as well as on your own web site.

$500 for Author App  (basic plan and media)  (extras may cost more)  

$500 for Book App  (basic plan and media)  (extras may cost more)

$750 for Combo App (Author and complete Book) (basic plan and media)  (extras may cost more)

Contact publisher for details on app development to establish your brand.

 Ready to purchase an app?  Order the app 

Steam City Pirates enhanced ebook

Forevermore is a "choose your own mystery" enhanced ebook


Here's a sample pitch to a satisfied client: 

Thanks for your request.  As you know, I’ve been at this publishing deal as an independent for quite a few years.  I work with clients to get their manuscripts ready for publication—whether you’re pitching it to an agent or directly to a big publisher--or going the indie route.  I provide editing services, matching you with a competent editor, and I also go over the final result to see that it’s in good shape for publication.

Just guessing, but I would imagine you would not need that much editing done, so the cost of this service would be at the low end.  Seven hundred and fifty dollars for a 140,000 word manuscript.  If you need/want a more personalized editing (suggestions about plotting, character development, etc.) that would be more costly.

What I’m really pitching to newbies now is the multimedia ebook.  Ebooks have taken hold as the chosen format for reading.  They out-sold hardbacks for the first time in 2012, and paperback sales have slipped each year by 10% while ebook sales are increasing.  In fact, I am updating my “old (1990s)” non-fiction book to show artists how to use multimedia books to establish their “brand” and to sell in a much more interesting and dynamic way.

I have an expert programmer on staff who works with us to make certain the multimedia is coded expertly using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 processes, so the book will convert well into epub and other ebook formats.

In my opinion, if you wish to establish an indie brand for your own thriller series, you should go the paperback/ebook route.  There are enough who still read paper to have that market nailed down, and I can put your title up through my account at Ingram (the biggest distributor of books in the world).  You can have full-color illustrations if you want them (I also have on staff a superb illustrator who is very easy to work with, as well as a cover artist and designer I can recommend).  But the real plus for you would be the establishment of your brand in a totally unique and “cutting edge” way through the use of multimedia in your thriller ebook.

Just to pitch it to you, since I have personally developed my recent Pat O’Malley Steampunk Mystery series with the use of multimedia, you can add a soundtrack (reader can turn off/on at own discretion), online video, sound effects and personalized “graphic novel quality” illustrations.   Of course, you can also add the usual hypertext links if you want to use them.  I can price this service for you based on the length of your book and what you want to include in the way of media.  The “big dogs” are sniffing around this technology, but they are usually very slow to adapt, so we independents have an edge.  Again, I can handle the formatting and putting up your book(s) for sales and distribution.  I can also give you some marketing ideas in the way of social media and the use of Google Adwords (I use the AdWords Guy, John Thomspon).  Indies have to be much more creative with the marketing of books, as you will soon see.

I look forward to your response and “digestion” of this pitch.  If you believe in your book, then we can believe in you!  As an indie, it’s a lot easier than when John Grisham was going around selling paperbacks out of the trunk of his car!

Limited Time Editing Deal

Seven hundred and fifty dollars for 140,000 word manuscript (straight grammatical editing for moderate mistakes in manuscript). Price will go up for manuscripts that contain many errors.

$1,150.00 for 140,000 word manuscript (content suggestions and put into printable style to be uploaded at Createspace.com). Price will go up for manuscripts that have many content problems.

Email your manuscript as an attachment to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or upload it on this web site.

Once again, thanks for your interest in our services.


English Majors Publishers and Editors

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